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Lesson Plans

We're using the apps and tools in this article I wrote for Edutopia. In particular, we're focusing on Tynker (K5-2nd or 3rd) and Scratch (3rd and up). Each group of students planning lessons should click on their time, make the page, and use the Hour of Code Lesson Plan Template. Use first names ONLY for everything.

The Schedule1st period 8:10-9:00 (9th grade)Woodall 4th grade - Wednesday Elizabeth, Jason, Connor, PatrickLayton K5 - Thursday - MarLeigh, Jensen, Ashley, MeaganLee K5 - Friday - Karsyn, Damon, Chandler, Tanner, Rebekah
2nd Period 9:00 - 9:50 (10th grade)Jones - 2nd - Wednesday Molly, Taylor, Morgan, Tristen, JennaCarden 2nd - Thursday Haley, Hunter, Kelby, SummerHays 4th - Friday - Kellie, Zachary, Palmer, Ty, Will
3rd Period 10:05-10:55 (10th grade)
Stargel- 5th - Wednesday Matt, Nick, Woody, Micah, DruPollock - 5th - Thursday - Mac, Caroline, Collier, SavanaWorsham 3rd - Friday - Callie, Tatum, Lexie, Perra,
6th Period 1:20 - 2:10 (9th Grade)Tyson - 1st - Wednesday - Cole W, Gracie, Mary Kate, Griffin,Baggett - 1st - Thursday - Cole S, Austin, Thomas, Reid, JakeWilliams - 3rd - Friday - Mark, Akshay, Brock, David, Campbell, Leah, Mattie
Practice Lesson Plan

Gallery of Games

Our students are making games in Scratch. If you make a game that I've approved that you can share with others, embed it below - make sure to make the title a heading 2 and give it a name - put your first name only underneath.