Table of Contents:

Personal Information

Digital Artifacts

Planning for the future

Personal Information

Summary Video

Digital Artifacts

Three Word Processing Artifacts

Two Spreadsheet Artifacts

Presentation Software Artifact

Blog Postings
This blog is about Copyright music on myspace, and if i agree if its right or wrong.
This blog is comparing and contrasting Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.
This blog is discussing the internet dangers and how they are harmful.
This blog is about Oprah Winfrey and her life story. She has been through a lot of things in her life and explaining why shes a role-model for people.
This blog is comparing and contrasting Wiki and Writely, and telling which one i prefer.

Wiki Artifacts

Digital Storytelling Artifacts

Planning for the Future

Fullblock letter

Modified Block Letter

Jobs that Interest Me

Interior Design
Interior Design
Veterinary Services

Three Colleges that Interest Me

Valdosta State University
Abraham Baldwin Agriculture College
Augusta State University