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Project Overview

Url(s): iSafe
FBI ~ Parent Guide
Project managers: Sumner and Coley
Current Activity Report:
Elluminate Session: Tuesday December 18, 2007
  • General Internet Safety
    • Personal Information
    • Pictures
    • Password
  • How to use the Ning.
  • Internet Safety with Webkins
  • Interview with Hilliary about flickr
  • Interview with Mitch, Tayler, and Joseph about internet safety videos

Project Mission Statement:

To teach parents and students how to be safe on the internet and how to use the Westwood Ning.


Elluminate Session: Sumner and Coley

Planning and Implementation


  • To teach everyone that internet safety is important.
  • To teach everyone how use the internet appropriately.
  • To show everyone how the internet can be dangerous.


Sumner and Coley: Elluminate Session --> Tuesday December 18, 2007



Students interested in working on this project (who may be in other classes), may add their first names here.)

Idea Gallery

Make a video of how its a bad idea to meet strangers off Myspace! ~ .:~LINZ~:.