Bro Belt Buckle

Inventor: Jae
Park Productions

Description of product

The Bro Belt Buckle is an attachable belt buckle that acts as an essential part of your smartphone. It has a camera attached to it to enable a whole different perspective to first person view. It also can access apps on your phone like alarms, Facebook messenger, and many many more.



The following technologies have converged to make this technology possible:
  • Belt Buckle
  • Smartphone

Internet Access

It will connect to your smartphone and have the features of a smartwatch just on your belt.


We have seen technology like this with the smartwatches rising. I am sure that we will see more of these in the future.


Brent J. - Computer Guy 1
Cameron G. - Computer Guy 2
Mitt P. - Hit and Run Victim
Savan P.- Cameraman