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Do you think that online and off-line worlds are easily separated in your mind or are they merged together and why.
i selected this posing because it is the one i had the most to say about and the most experience with.

Comparison to Writely and Word

This lists the pros and cons of writely( now called Google docs and spreed) and Microsoft word.
I chose this one because it relates most to what we have leaned this year in computer fundamentals.

Pink Cadillac

A three year old purchased a pink Cadillac on E-bay.
i chose this blog because it is both hilarious and a serious subject of internet safety.

Tips on Movie Making

Title says it all
I chose this blog posing because after all the work i did on the movies i have done this is what i have learned.

Does This Sound Right To You

A question about math
i chose this blog because it is something that puzzled me until i was told the very simple answer.

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Pharmaceutical Industry

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