Jay P.
Date Turned in: 5/15/08

Summary Video

Applications Proficiency

Word Processing

Word Processing Artifact #1:
Program Used: Microsoft Word

Word Processing Artifact #2
Program used:Microsoft Word


Spreadsheet Artifact:
Program used: Microsoft Excel


Presentation Software Artifact:
Program Used: Microsoft Powerpoint

Online Proficiency


Blog Post #1
Why this exemplifies my best work:

Veteran Superstars Wanted Everywhere

Blog Post #2
Why this exemplifies my best work:

Rivalry Week: Duke Takes It This Year

Blog Post #3
Why this exemplifies my best work:

Cavs Pull One Over Top Dog Celtics

Wikis and Collaboration

Wiki #1 - Lesson Wiki - Using the wiki to teach a lesson to others. Group collaboration.
Data Communications

Wiki #2 - International Wiki Collaboration - Using the wiki to collaborate international on a current trend and event.
Digiteen Wikispaces

Wiki #3 - Another wiki (Description)
Teaching Middle School

Graphics Design

y0outh_voice_avatar.jpg An avatar of me from Youth Voices

Activism Project

My action for the Many Voices for Darfur project was...

I had helped the Darfur project by making and sending a video to CNN.

Programs & Websites Used this Year

Listing of all programs and websites used this year.
  1. Microsoft Word
  2. Microsoft Excel
  3. Microsoft PowerPoint
  4. Adobe PhotoShop
  5. Google Docs
  6. Google Spreadsheets
  7. Google Presentation
  8. Zoho Writer
  9. Youth Voices
  10. Youtube
  11. Digiteen Ning
  12. Digiteen Wikispaces
  13. Westwood Ning
  14. Westwood Wikispaces
  15. Ajax Writer
  16. ThinkFree
  17. Blogger
  18. CNN
  19. Fox News
  20. Wikipedia
  21. Google
  22. Animoto
  23. Infoplease
  24. Creative Commons
  25. Stat Counter
  26. Feed Burner
  27. Movie Maker
  28. Netvibes
  29. Yahoo