Print a Pizza

Inventor: Jensen J.

Printable Foods

Description of product

Print a Pizza is a system that literally prints out a pizza of your choice. First, you have to type all of the ingredients wanted on your pizza on a piece of computer paper, and print it out. Next, you put that piece of paper in the fax machine, and it processes your paper, and prints your pizza in the microwave. The microwave has some of the same technologies as a 3D printer.



The following technologies have converged to make this technology possible:
  • Computer
  • printer
  • fax machine
  • microwave
  • 3D printer

Internet Access

You can download pizza recipes on the Internet.


I did not see it, but I am sure it will be here in the near future.


Video recorder: Jensen
Actor: JT Edore
Actress: Kaitlin Jones