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John B.

Project Overview

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My Important Takeaways

  • I learned the top 10 GPS units used for hunting.
  • I learned how to create a website.
  • I learned how to operate Google Earth for hunting purposes.

The biggest challenges

The biggest challenges I faced were finding the top 10 GPS units used for hunting. After finding them, I also had to research them and record all found information to my website, which was also very tedious.

Project Plan

I planned to do this freshman project for the sole purpose of helping hunters better their hunting locations. By using satellite methods of viewing their land, such as GPS, hunters can drastically improve the areas they wish to hunt.

Original Project plan: I plan to use GPS to chart my hunting land. By doing this, I will be able to determine the effect it has on hunters and their success.

Project Execution

I executed my project exactly how I had planned. I did research on some of the biggest names in hunting GPS technology, determined the top 10, and recorded all of their information to my website.

For those who do this type of project in the future.

For those who do this type of project, my advice would be: I know it is very tedious to do all of the research on the GPS units, but in order to accurately pick the select few that make it to the top 10, extensive research is required. Stick with it until you can know for a fact that your conclusions are accurate.