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Inventor: John Davis
Lemon tech.

Description of product

A product that completely integrates everything in the home together. So you can talk to a random object and start the washing machine in the other room. IT is connected to the entire house and is always listening for your instruction. It is connected to your furniture, the walls, the doors, paintings, flooring, locks, kitchen appliances, your faucet, your vroom-ba, and your regular computers. We will either call it HOWLY or SKYNET.


Music by Breakdown Euphrates

I do not own it.


The following technologies have converged to make this technology possible:
  • Computers

Internet Access

It will map what you do all the time without you knowing it and will do everything a computer can do and more.


It is kinda like what Amazon is making but it accompanies the entire house. IT doesn't just link a speaker and a few light bulbs but it EVERYTHING.


Caleb-News Dude Vicki Davis- Mesteruse hacker person and camera person John- Everything elts