Project Name

Johnny Hendricks

Project Overview

Newton Baptist Church

My Project

Newton Baptist Church This is the link to my website I created for my church.

Weebly I used this to create my website.

My Important Takeaways

  • Learned how to embed a calendar from Brandon Butler
  • Learned how to embed videos from Morgan Singleton
  • Learned how to embed a visitor form from Brandon Butler

The biggest challenges

1) Finding where to start. I started using this website after being introduced to it by Brandon Butler, and then my project took off from there.
2) Learning how to balance my time. I overcame this by setting a time each day to work on my project.

Project Plan

Original Project plan:
The original project plan was to create a website for my church. My church wanted people to know that they could come to our church to worship. So, I thought building this website would get the word out.

Project Execution

I planned to spend 30 minutes to an hour each day on the project, but that didn't really work out. I planned to spend 25 hours on the website and 5 to 10 hours showing to my church and mentor. With sports year round and all the other school work though, I found little time to work on it. Next time I would set a time for a few minutes each day to work on the project.

For those who do this type of project in the future.

For everybody doing this type of project in the future, make sure you keep yourself organized and set time each day to work on it.


Thanks to Brandon Butler, Morgan Singleton, and West Rogers for helping on my project. It would not be as good as it is without your help.