Center of Attention

Inventor: Johnson G.

Description of product

Have you ever had a hard time taking pictures at a party, well there is a solution to your problem! Just by using a bracelet and drone, you can fix your problem.The bracelet has a GPS tracking device in it, and the drone follows it and takes pictures and videos of the person wearing the bracelet. After you land the drone the drone automatically makes a album and you can access the album with the SD card inside the drone. Instead of wasting time taking pictures let the Center of Attention do the job!



The following technologies have converged to make this technology possible:
  • GPS
  • Drones

Internet Access

The drone uses GPS to track the bracelet and it uses your phone data and WiFi to access the internet.


No this product is not available.


Cameron G, Gage M, Delaney C, Logan C, Morgan B, Hunter L, Hunter S, Jacob B, Macy R, and Jonte H.