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Final Video

As your final video, each student will summarize a different technology. This video should include the following:
A brief description of this technology
A sample of how it is used in the classroom and real life. (At least 1 example for each with a screenshot.)
Screen shots of the technology
An interview with 1-2 people about how they use the technology
A brief tutorial/ tour is worth bonus.

It should have the proper Creative commons License.
This video should be uploaded the Digiteen Dream Team youtube channel and embedded here. If you do not wish it to go on the channel, see me for alternate embedding.

Applications Proficiency

Word Processing

Microsoft Word-

Google Docs- Techno Cat


Microsoft Excel-

Google Forms- YouTube Survey


Online Proficiency


Digiteen Dream Team and Lively Reflection
I think that this is my best blog post because I wrote this right after my class and I had just gone through the whole ordeal with Google Lively. This was a great program to get us started, and of course we were sad to see it go. Going through this opened so many new doors that have taken each and every one of us in different directions. Through using this, we have all found what our special talent or ability is.

Digital Citizenship
This is another one of my best, because I was very passionate about what I was writing. It was a reflection about what I had done in the project when we were teaching children about Digital Citizenship, which I think is very important to know if you use the internet in some way. No matter what age, you should know how to be safe and protect yourself against the dangers of the online world.

These are a number of short movies my friend Hope and I have edited and produced. We "Vlogged" which is using videos to blog. In most of them we are talking to different classmates about what they have done each week to contribute to the making of our island on Reaction Grid. This is how I do most of my blogging. I do still write a few, but they consist of mostly videos now.

Wikis and Collaboration

Wiki #1 - Lesson Wiki - Security Threats

Wiki #2 - International Wiki Collaboration - Digital Rights and Responsibilties

Wiki #3 - Another wiki - Jing Demonstrations

Digiteen Dream Team

At first I started off doing a lot of research, about Digital Citizenship for our Digiteen Ning. From there we progressed to a program called Lively, and that is when we started using Virtual Worlds. We thought it was a fun, but effective way for kids of all ages to actually learn what we have to teach them, because they can interact, play, and not feel like they are actually being taught something. After Lively shut down it set a fire, and we wanted to go a lot further. We soon found Reaction Grid, and fell in love with it. Around that time, my friend Hope and I had begun to develop a knack for filming, and we have been doing that ever since. We created a YouTube channel, and have done many videos, most are Vlogs. I am very excited to get started on the documentary for the upcoming Immersion Project.

Programs & Websites Used this Year

1. Pinnacle
2. Youtube
3. Flint River Ning
4. Digiteen Dream Team Ning
5. igoogle
6. Movie Maker
7. Reaction Grid
8. Jing
9. Diigo
10. Remember The Milk
11. Toondoo
12. Creative Commons
13. Adobe
14. Google Docs
15. Technorati
16. Lulu
17. Gmail
18. Jott
19. Wikipedia
20. Google Calendar
21. Woogi World
22. Google 411
23. Westwood Schools
24. Westwood Ning
25. Flint River Ning
26. Reaction Grid
27. Digiteen Wiki 2008
28. Flat Classroom Wiki
29. Twitter
30. Adobe
31. Microsoft