Name: Joy J
Date: April 23, 2009

Summary of Work done in Introduction to Computer Science 2008-2009

Summary Reflection of the Year

I've learned many things this year in Computer. One being the proper way to act when collaborating with students across the world. It definitely has been a learning experience working with students in many different countries, but it has been fun. We get to choose one topic and talk about that topic on a wiki. Along the way, we have found that even though we are hundreds of thousands of miles apart, we can still find something in common. We talk about the problems with technology, ways that we can improve technology, and also how technology has the ability to make life MUCH easier, whether that be in our business life or personal life.
My 3 favorite things that we did were Elluminate, Net Gen project, and Open Sim. I really like Elluminate! It is extremely easy to use, and while it is nervewracking, it is pretty fun. The more experience that I get in it, I feel like I becoming a better speaking and acting natural, not tensed up like I was when we first started it.
Technology can improve education in many ways. With the iTouch, we can have calculators, planners, and use the Internet. It helps us get projects and videos done FASTER!

Global Collaboration

I participated in the following global collaborations:

Flat Classroom Project

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I edited video of my friends talking about the itouch.

My topic was Virtual Communication. Virtual commmunication is communication throught the internet or mobile device. For example: Cellphones, video conferencing, and programs like Skype. This is a very useful and cheap way to communicate with people across the world.

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Flat Classroom Project Links:

Flat Classroom Project Connections:

  • Sandra B -CHS
  • Erika B- SHS, Spring Woods Senior High School, United States
  • Eva L- American International School of Riyadh- Saudi Arabia
  • Sreya- Melbourne, Australia

Flat Classroom Conference

I didn't go to the Flat Classroom Conference in Qatar, but I still learned about other cultures through the Ning. I heard that it was a very fun experience for everyone.

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  • Post Project Reflections for Flat Classroom Conference- Reflection

NetGenEd Project

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I think this is the best video that I have every made. Obviously the judges think so too. I received 3rd in my category of mobiles, and I also received Honorable Mention for the whole Net Gen project!
My outsourced video was done by Alex from Superior High School in Superior, MT United States.
This video was pretty fun and easy to create and edit. It was a video that the opening and ending scenes were really acting scenes so that was fun to do. I've never done "acting scenes" just interviewing scenes.

I studied speed and mobiles. I really liked mine, because it was something that I could relate to. Everybody wants speed with their mobiles. I looked at ways that speed could help improve our lives.

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NetGenEd Project Links:

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Information Technology

Timeline of the Digital Revolution

The digital revolution is when things in technology started to evolve. New things were invented that made life MUCH easier!

Convergence as we Speak

Convergence is where two known things merge together and become something that is better!

Device Classification

Device Classification was a project where we grouped devices based on input, output, and many other factors.

My Invention

My invention was Radivo. It is radio and Tivo combined. I thnk this would be very useful.

Computer Review Video Game

Joy's quiz on Types of storage

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List all websites, software, and/or programs which use used this year in this course or others.

1) Microsoft Word
2) Microsoft Powerpoint
3) Windows Media Player
4) Windows Movie Maker
5) Microsoft Office One Note
6) FlatClassroom Wikispace
7) Flat Classroom Ning
8) Flat Classroom Conference Ning
9) Net Gen Ed Wikispace
10) Net Gen Ed Ning
11) Westwood Wikispace
12) Westwood Ning
13) SlideShare
14) NetVibes
15) Blogger
16) Animoto
17) Zamzar
18) Pinnacle Studio
19) Elluminate
21) Twitter
22) Creative Commons
23) Reaction Grid
24) Hippo OpenSim
25) Search Me
26) Google Docs
27) ZoHo Writer
28) Class Tools
29) Digiteen Ning
30) Digiteen Wikispaces
31) Feed Burner
32) Stat Counter
33) Adobe Photoshop
34) Google
35) iGoogle
36) Youtube