Project Name

How Different Artists Became Famous
Julia B

Project Overview

My Project

Freshmen project powerpoint
Freshmen Project Blogs/Entire Project
My freshmen project consists of 5 blog posts on music artists. I have other blog posts having to do with freshmen project but they aren't about the music artists. The other blog posts are telling about my freshmen project,
I have one follower and I follow 12 people that love music just me.

blog_posts.png I uploaded these two blog about 4 weeks ago, and they were my second and third blog posts about Freshmen Project.

more_blog_posts.png I uploaded this blog about 5 weeks ago, and it was my first blog about Freshmen Project.

My Important Takeaways

  • I have learned to stay focused and not get behind, because it's very hard to make up work you didn't get done that month.
  • I have learned to importance of organization, it's helped me have my work done by my due dates. Being orga
  • How to use tumblr, it's a little tricky to learn. But after you get the hang of it, it is pretty fun and very useful. I loved not having a word limit on tumblr.

The biggest challenges

My biggest challenge was making two blog posts in three days.
I overcame my challenge by finding the information I needed and bookmarking it in diigo.
Diigo was very useful when I needed to save a website's address.

Project Plan

Insert a 2-3 sentence overview of the plan for your project.
Original Project plan: My project consists of blog posts on Tumblr. The blog were about famous music artists and how they became famous.My first overview was to only upload 3 blogs, but I have decided that I am going to end up doing more blog posts to make my freshmen project 30 hours.

Project Execution

I planned on using all of my spare time on my Freshmen Project butspent most of my spare time in computer class was used on the End Slavery Project.
I would split my spare time in half to use my time for freshmen project and the End Slavery Project if I was to do the Freshmen Project again.

For those who do this type of project in the future.

For the freshmen in the future, I would plan ahead, get organized, and stay focused throughout your entire Freshmen Project, it will help you get through quicker and do more work.My freshmen project powerpoint
I did realized I should have started focused and organized but I did not so I had to work even harder then usual to make my blogs.