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Three Word Processing Artifacts

Microsoft Word

Zoho Writer

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Microsoft Word and Excel
Teaches you the difference between Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.
It can help people if it is new the them.
Bethany Hamilton
Bethany Hamilton taught me that we should never give up.
She has one arm still surfs and has not give up yet
The video teaches that we are the web.
It taught me that we are the web that we dont need to put personal stuff on it.
Other People
Others can view are blogs and wikis. I have no problem with it.
I think it is cool.
Wiki and Writely
Teaches you the difference between a Wiki and Writely.
If you have no clue what the difference is then go and look.

Wiki Artifacts

Wiki 1- Ex. 6
Wiki 2- Ex. 9
Wiki 3-Ex. 17
Wiki 4- Ex. 24
Wiki 5- Planning the Key to Control
Wiki 6- Excel 1

Digital Storytelling Artifacts


Planning is a very important in one's life. If one does

not plan the they might fail. Planning helps you through

college and other very important dates.

Microsoft Excel

Planning for the Future

Jobs that Interest Me

Marine Biologist
I like looking at shells, taking underwater pictures, also like swimming and studying about the animals down under and the animals we have never heard of.
I love taking pictures of anything: flowers, people, sunsets etc. I just like taking photos.
Graphic Designer
I would like to be creative. You can express yourself and your feelings.

Three Colleges that Interest Me

Barry University
Savannah College of Art and Design
The Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale
Florida State University