Pageant Palace

Kambry J.

Project Overview

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My Project

Pageant Palace
Above is a link to my website this is the current version of my website.
This link was added on 4/9/12

My Important Takeaways

  • I learned how to put videos onto my website from West R.
  • I learned how to embed a Google calendar onto my website from Brandon B.
  • I learned how to use both weebly and wix.

The biggest challenges

When I first planned my project I knew I wanted a graphically appealing website, but I didn't know anything about website engineers. I first started out using weebly and I built a complete website on there. The longer I looked at the website the more I wanted to change it so I tested several different engineers until I found the perfect one.
Another challenge I had was trying to add videos onto my website. That problem was soon solved thanks to my friend West R. He showed how to put them on You tube and them embed them onto my website.

Project Plan

When I first got the idea to make a pageant website I did a lot of planning and mapped out exactly how I would spend my time. In my proposal I mapped out time for building the website, making a calendar, and getting helpful tips.
Original Project plan:

Project Execution

Originally I thought that most of my work would go into the research on nearby pageants and making a calendar,but I found that most of my time went into the mechanics of the website: design, uploading pictures and videos, adding a calendar, and writing blogs.
Next time I think I will try to film better videos to upload.

For those who do this type of project in the future.

For anyone else hoping to build a website whether it be a pageant website or any other make sure you have a love for the topic. It makes the project fun and entertaining.