Kara, M.
Date Turned in: 5/16/08

Summary Video

Applications Proficiency

Word Processing

Word Processing Artifact #1:
Program Used: Microsoft Word

Word Processing Artifact #2: http://docs.google.com/Doc?id=ddg727hn_0c6rkpg
Program used: Google Docs


Spreadsheet Artifact:
Program used: Microsoft Excel


Presentation Software Artifact:
Program Used: Microsoft PowerPoint

Online Proficiency


Blog Post #1
Why this exemplifies my best work: It exemplifies my best work because this is one of my favorite books and I liked writing the blog.
Hyperlink and/or copy: http://youthvoices.net/elgg/Bugred2/weblog/5640.html

Blog Post #2
Why this exemplifies my best work: I think this exemplifies my best work because Nicholas Sparks is my favorite author and I really enjoy reading his books.
Hyperlink and/or copy: http://youthvoices.net/elgg/Bugred2/weblog/5841.html

Blog Post #3
Why this exemplifies my best work: It exemplifies my best work because I really liked the author and it is my favorite book.
Hyperlink and/or copy: http://youthvoices.net/elgg/Bugred2/weblog/6026.html

Wikis and Collaboration

Wiki #1 - Lesson Wiki - Using the wiki to teach a lesson to others. Group collaboration.

Wiki #2 - International Wiki Collaboration - Using the wiki to collaborate international on a current trend and event.
Hyperlink http://digiteen.wikispaces.com/Digital+Health+and+Wellness

Wiki #3 - Another wiki (Description)
Hyperlink http://westwood.wikispaces.com/07-08+Adding+Footnotes+and+Endnotes

Graphic Design

Hyperlink http://youthvoices.net/elgg/Bugred2/weblog/5008.html

Activism Project

My action for the Many Voices for Darfur project was... a blog post on youth voices.

Programs & Websites Used this Year

Listing of all programs and websites used this year.