Name: Kathryn
Date: April 2009

Summary of Work done in Introduction to Computer Science 2008-2009

Summary Reflection of the Year

In the method of your choice reflect on the following: the most important thing you've learned this year, what you've learned about global collaboration, the most interesting new technology you've learned about, and your favorite three things that we did this year in the course. At the end, include your message for how technology should be properly used to improve your education.

Global Collaboration

I participated in the following global collaborations: Flat Classroom Project, Flat Classroom Conference, NetGenEd Conference

Flat Classroom Project

Find more videos like this on Flat Classroom Project

My video was about the World Wide Web and my subtopic was invention and innovation. I made a video about an invention I came up with called Intel Cranium. Intel Cranium is a chip that inserts into a person's head and gives them access to the internet.

Our class participated in the Flat Classroom Project this year. My topic for the project was the World Wide Web. I enjoyed the project because I got to collaborate with students all over the world, and I also got to learn more about the World Wide Web.

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Flat Classroom Project Links:

Flat Classroom Project Connections:

GHS (American English)
Ahmed S QA (American English)
Kody CHS (American English)
Catherine HAW (Australian English)

Team 2 B
Ryan - chs
AbdulmajeedH (British English)
Lynhda SHS (American English)
Morgan PLC (Australian English)

Team 2 C
**Brandon R.** - GHS(American English)
Ben - CHS(American English)
Michael-WHS (American English)
Kathryn WHS (American English)
Preetisha PLC (Australian English)

Flat Classroom Conference

Our teacher and one student from our class attended the Flat Classroom Conference in Qatar. The rest of us participated virtually. It was a very interesting project and conference because our teacher and classmate sent us videos from Qatar, so it felt like our whole class was there.

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  • Profile Page for Flat Classroom Conference: Kathryn C.
  • Post Project Reflections for Flat Classroom Conference: Reflection Post

NetGenEd Project

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This is my video for the NetGenEd Project. It is called Net Generation Education because I showed what education is like in this generation. I used an outsourced video from ShealeyR of Montana.
In the NetGenEd Project, my topic was the Personal Web. I enjoyed the project because I got to learn more about the personal web, and I got to be the assistant project manager for the personal web. It helped me improve my leadership skills because I had to handle some wiki problems.

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NetGenEd Project Links:

  • Collaborative Wiki Topic: Personal Web
  • Collaborative Wiki Subtopic: None (APM for Personal Web)
  • All forum posts where I responded to Don Tapscott, the Author: Education and Freedom
  • Ning Profile for this Project: Kathryn C.
  • Post Project Reflection: Reflection Post
  • Elluminate Presentation- Global presentation for international audience in Elluminate. (Embed after next Wednesday)

NetGenEd Project Connections:

Project Manager - Emily H, Hawkesdale, Australia

Team D.1

Kaycie E. WHS-USA
Nicole_CHS (CHS)- USA
Shealey R. (SHS)- Montana, USA
Rawan AZ QA
Hussein F, JCBTHS Sydney Aus
Milos Ivanovic (KS) Auckland, New Zealand

Team D.2

Kayla C. (:
Rachel NSHS Ashland, Pennsylvania
Nathan Allen (KS) Auckland, New Zealand
Abdulaziz AD, QA, Qatar

Team D.3

Timmy Van HPC - Hawkesdale, Australia
Mirali S. SPA- California USA
molly rsc australia
Amir, QA, Qatar

Team D.4

Brady P HPC - Hawkesdale, Australia
Erika B SWHS - Texas, USA
Abdulrahman Al Khalifa QA, Doha, Qatar
Marissa HHS- Hopkinton, MA, USA

Team D.5

Amy Mc HPC - Hawkesdale, Australia
Joe C SPA - California, USA
Nathan C RSC - Ringwood, Australia
Ammar Yasser- QA - Qatar,
Billy Elder- MA-USA

Team D.6

Jake K. WHS- USA
Brian L. (SHS) - Montana, USA
Joanna S. QA - Doha, Qatar
Brett E. Pennsylvania, USA
HaydenJCBTHS Sydney Aus

Team D.7

Tristan L SPA-USA
Jordan B RSC AUS

Team D.8

Chatty HPC - Hawkesdale, Australia
Craig_CHS - Cordova, AK USA
Kaila S - SHS- MT USA
Eric G - Ashland, Pennsylvania USA
Sidhanth Venkatasubramaniam, Stonehill International School (SAI), Bangalore, India

Information Technology

Timeline of the Digital Revolution

The Digital Revolution is the movement to computers and others types of technology.

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Convergence as we Speak

Convergence is the joining together of two things to produce a better, new product.

Device Classification

Devices can be classified into input, output, processing, memory, or storage devices.
Software can be classified into application or system software.
Computers can be classified into personal computers, workstations, videogame consoles, servers, clients, mainframe computers, supercomputers, handheld computers, PDA's, smart phones, portable media players
, or microcontrollers.

My Invention

My invention is called the speed counter. It is a speedometer that can go inside a tennis ball, and it tells you how fast you hit the ball.

Computer Review Video Game

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