Name: Kaycie E.
Date: April 2009

Summary of Work done in Introduction to Computer Science 2008-2009

Summary Reflection of the Year

Throughout my many experiences this year, one of the most important things that I have learned is how to respect people and how you should act on the internet. All of the global collaborations that I participated in taught me something different each time. You have to respect other people around you no matter where they are from, especially when you are working together on the same project. If people did everything their way and were inconsiderate of others, the project would be a failure. We took extra precautions with our behavior on this project, because everybody's culture is different and it is easy to offend somebody without realizing it. Microsoft Surface is probably the most interesting technology I've learned about this year. It blows my mind everytime our class gets into a discussion about all the things it can do. A table becomes a computer...years ago this would have been impossible to imagine! It's very interesting to hear about all the new technologies that are going to be developed. We go ahead and learn about them so when they come out we will already be familiar with them, while the rest of the world is shocked and behind on their technology skills.
I loved all the things we did this year because it taught me many things about technology that I would not have known otherwise, but my favorites were the NetGen Project, the Flat Classroom Project, and OpenSim. My favorite part of the global collaborations that we did was making videos. I like to be creative and come up with my own ideas of what I can put into a video because it gives me a great challenge. OpenSim was also very fun to use because its like real life...only on the internet. You can create your own person and be who you want to be. One of the coolest things was experiencing a conference in there with people from around the world.
One thing that I think should be different with technology in schools is the use of cell phones. Cell phones are not bad. Schools assume the worst and think that kids use them just to cheat, but that really is not true. I honestly don't know of anybody that has ever done that. Plus it would take too long to ask somebody a question and have to wait on a respone...that's just stupid. Instead, schools could be helping students by teaching them more about what cell phones can do and ways they can use them to be beneficial. They could be used as our calculator, planner, even computer. This could make it easier on not only the students but the faculty as well. Schools should consider the advantages of having cell phones in class rather than just assuming the worst.

Global Collaboration

I participated in the following global collaborations.

Flat Classroom Project

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I received 2nd place in my category. I didn't have anybody sign up for my outsource video so students from Westwood were in it to fill this space. My video was on the genocide in Darfur. I chose this because it really touched my heart when I saw what was going on and it also related to my topic (work flow software) because people were doing projects on it to let the public know what was going on. The purpose of this video was to reach out to people and make them aware of what is happening in Darfur and that we can make a difference.

In the Flat Classroom Project my topic was on Work Flow Software. This is what allows people across the world to work on the same project even though they may be in two completely different places. The Flat Classroom Project is an actual example of this. We communicated with other students around the world to form one big educational project. In addition to learning about our topic, we also learned how to work with unfamiliar people by collaborating with them on the web.


Flat Classroom Project Links:

Flat Classroom Project Connections:

Team 3A
Jordan M.- HH
Karim G - AIS-R
Ellie F - PLC

Team 3B
Amanda W. CHS
Greg F GHS
Ainsley T PLC
Chantelle D'mello (QA)

Team 3c
Aya EJ (QA)
Sean B. - SHS
Kaycie E (WHS)

Flat Classroom Conference

The Flat Classroom Conference was where we focused on the different cultures in our world. The purpose of the videos was to explain how everyone is different and we need to be careful how we approach people we are unfamiliar with, especially when they are from a different part of the world. For example, when talking some people stand really close to your face and other people stand really far away. For the people that stand far away, when someone is in their face it makes them really uncomfortable because their culture is different. The Flat Classroom Conference was about teaching us how people are different and in all cases we should go out of our way to show respect.

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NetGenEd Project

Find more videos like this on grownupdigital

My video was on Personal Web and Freedom/Choice. It was explaining how schools used to be and students used to use a planner. Now that is changing. People have a choice of where they use the personal web by using their cell phones and Itouches, and eventually students will use their cell phones for everything they do in school. Cell phones give people a freedom of where and how they learn. They can teach themselves when they want rather than having to be guided through every step of the way.

This video received 2nd in my category.
Contributor(s) - Kaycie E., USA, 2009
WHS students and teachers USA
Shannon (CHS) USA
Ken W. Tony L. (Australia)

On the NetGenEd Project I learned about the personal web and how we depend on freedom and choice. We created wikis as a learning device giving information on our topic, as well as made videos showing how it relates to the life we live in. We worked with other students across the world and brought our information together. It made me realize how important freedom and choice is in the lives of people today.


NetGenEd Project Links:

  • Collaborative Wiki Topic: The Personal Web
  • Collaborative Wiki SubTopic: Freedom and Choice
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  • Ning Profile for this Project: My Ning Page
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  • Elluminate Presentation- Global presentation for international audience in Elluminate. (Embed after next Wednesday)

NetGenEd Project Connections:

Team D.1

Nicole_CHS (CHS)- USA
Shealey R. (SHS)- Montana, USA
Rawan AZ QA
Hussein F, JCBTHS Sydney Aus
Milos Ivanovic (KS) Auckland, New Zealand

Team D.2

Kayla C. (:
Rachel NSHS Ashland, Pennsylvania
Nathan Allen (KS) Auckland, New Zealand
Abdulaziz AD, QA, Qatar

Team D.3

Timmy Van HPC - Hawkesdale, Australia
Mirali S. SPA- California USA
molly rsc australia
Amir, QA, Qatar

Team D.4

Brady P HPC - Hawkesdale, Australia
Erika B SWHS - Texas, USA
Abdulrahman Al Khalifa QA, Doha, Qatar
Marissa HHS- Hopkinton, MA, USA

Team D.5

Amy Mc HPC - Hawkesdale, Australia
Joe C SPA - California, USA
Nathan C RSC - Ringwood, Australia
Ammar Yasser- QA - Qatar,
Billy Elder- MA-USA

Team D.6

Jake K. WHS- USA
Brian L. (SHS) - Montana, USA
Joanna S. QA - Doha, Qatar
Brett E. Pennsylvania, USA
HaydenJCBTHS Sydney Aus

Team D.7

Tristan L SPA-USA
Jordan B RSC AUS

Team D.8

Chatty HPC - Hawkesdale, Australia
Craig_CHS - Cordova, AK USA
Kaila S - SHS- MT USA
Eric G - Ashland, Pennsylvania USA
Sidhanth Venkatasubramaniam, Stonehill International School (SAI), Bangalore, India

Information Technology

Timeline of the Digital Revolution

The digital revolution is when technology starts to evolve and is made into bigger and better things.

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Convergence as we Speak

Convergence is when numerous objects come together to make a single object. For example, a table and a computer are coming together to form Microsoft Surface.

Device Classification

Devices can be classified into input, output, processing, memory, and storage devices.
Software can be classified into either application software or system software.
Computers are devices that hold data and can be classified into many different things such as a personal computer or video game consoles.

My Invention

My invention was made to help out in the classrooms. It's when your desk becomes an actual computer. This way there is no longer a need for books, computers, calculators, or any other device for school. The desk now has everything in it you need.


List all websites, software, and/or programs which use used this year in this course or others.
  1. Ccmixter
  2. Zamzar
  3. Microsoft Word
  4. Microsoft PowerPoint
  5. Slideshare
  6. Adobe PhotoShop
  7. Google Docs
  8. Movie Maker
  9. ZoHo Writer
  10. Ajax Writer
  11. ThinkFree
  12. Youth Voices
  13. YouTube
  14. IGoogle
  15. Blogger
  16. Wikipedia
  17. Google
  18. Creative Commons
  19. Animoto
  20. StatCounter
  21. FeedBurner
  22. Netvibes
  23. Digiteen Ning
  24. Digiteen Wikispaces
  25. Westwood Ning
  26. Westwood Wikispaces
  27. Flat Classroom Project Ning
  28. Flat Classroom Project Wiki
  29. Flat Classroom Conference Ning
  30. NetGenEd Ning
  31. NetGenEd Wiki
  32. Classtools
  33. Open Sim
  34. Reaction Grid
  35. Twitter
  36. Pinnacle Studio
  37. Diigo