Name: Kayla D. Cox
Date: April 29, 2009

Summary of Work done in Introduction to Computer Science 2008-2009

Summary Reflection of the Year

In the method of your choice reflect on the following: the most important thing you've learned this year, what you've learned about global collaboration, the most interesting new technology you've learned about, and your favorite three things that we did this year in the course. At the end, include your message for how technology should be properly used to improve your education.

Global Collaboration

I participated in the following global collaborations

Flat Classroom Project

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The initial idea I had for my video was a girl’s attempt to hang herself because she didn’t seem as if she belonged in the world, and she was super depressed. She decides one day while logging into her myspace account that she would post a blog telling her loved ones goodbye. Some of her friends that are online as well sees that she had recently posted a blog and decides they’ll check it out. They become really concerned about the girl and calls a person that is close to the one that is about to attempt suicide to try and prevent any action from taking place. Of course, they succeed and the girls is saved and in the end, the readers of the blog become social network heroes!

HM (tied)
- 8.A.1 Lauren (PLC, Australia): Mission Impossible
- 8.A.2 Brooke L (Goodland, Kansas, USA): How Facebook makes the World go Flat
- 8.B.4 Kayla C (Westwood, Georgia, USA): Social Networking

In 3 sentences describe what you studied and did on the Flat Classroom Project. Include contextual links.

Social networks are growing more rapidly and more and more people are beginning to use social networks and personal learning environments daily. Communication is key these days to people’s social lives. Because the internet has become less painful to access, people are turning to websites such as Myspace, Facebook, Bebo, and Hi5 to keep in touch with a rather large amount of friends, distances ranging from across the world, to right down the street. Not only are social networks for individuals to communicate with their friends, and family but they also become very helpful inside businesses. With the Internet now integrated into nearly all aspects of everyday business use, many business owners are recognizing the important role that social networking can play in the world of entrepreneurship. The most interesting thing in my opinion about my topic is realizing exactly how effective the social networks are, and how important they have become in an individual’s life.

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Flat Classroom Project Connections:

  • Mike M. - HH (American English)
    Kayla C .WHS (American English)
    Emily H Haw (Australian English) Hawkesdale P-12 College, Australia
    Alex D SIS (Spainish international school) Sotogrande international school
    Yaqsanalwaily (British English) Mosa Bin nousair school (Oman)

Flat Classroom Conference

Briefly describe the Flat Classroom Conference. Embed the cultural video that you made from the conference, or the video of choice that you made for this conference from the Conference Ning. Include Contextual links

During the Flat Classroom Conference, I learned that there is hope in this world, and we need to have hope for our future. The future is coming, nothing we do can stop the changes that will occur, and we need to teach those that are unaware that they need to be ready and allow these changes to take place. I have never realized how in control we are in this world and advanced it's become since the baby boomer generation.

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This Video was basically describing how different cultures teach, and learn. And it shows the diversity in cultures. Also, we learned how to collaborate with other cultures correctly,

NetGenEd Project

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The future lies in the hands of the Net Generation. Our generation is the most advanced of all the generations. Don Tapscott pointed out that although other generations believe we're the dumbest generation because we spend so much time surfing the interned, and collaborating with people from across the world, we are truly one of the smartest because we're learning about all these new electronics and technologies.


NetGenEd Project Links:

  • Collaborative Wiki Topic: The Pers onal Web
  • Collaborative Wiki SubTopic:Customization of the Personal Web
  • All forum posts where I responded to Don Tapscott, the Author:
    • On his "Customization in the Classroomn
    • Wow Mr. Tapscott. In the beginning i was shocked because i was thinking, goodness, he's talking about us! But you are right, we are the smartest generation and the future pretty much lies in our hands. That's the power we have. The "digital immersion" has actually improved communication with people around the world and has become part of our everyday life.

      Addicted? Yes we are. We're anxious to learn as many new things as we can about the internet and new technologies. We are a powerful force of change, and change is for the better. The future isn't hopeless because of us, the future is actually hope-FUL.
    • On his "Customization in the Classroomn"
    • One great way customization, of the personal web, could be introduced to the education system would be to improve the learning abilities of students by allowing them to customize a personal web, such as iGoogle, to keep organized as well as keeping it fun for the student.My teacher, Mrs. Vicki D. has strongly advised he r students and encouraged them to create an iGoogle account to better organize and keep up with the websites we use the most. We use the RSS reader at the bottom of our NINGs and WIKIs to keep us updated on new posts, blogs, discussions or changes on these sites, which is so much more simple than visiting each individual website. Personalized web space is now almost required, take a look at all the social network sites such as Myspace and Facebook! Teachers and schools are blocking some personal web sites, which doesn't give these students the proper education to the impending advances in technology, applications, and programs that they need to be successful today as well as in the future!

      Educators need to lighten up, and relax. Allow these new things to improve education and make the learning experience for the students easier in addition to the enjoyment of using such technologies and new things to come. Digital technology is becoming so advanced and if your students don't learn from you, who will they turn to?
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  • Elluminate Presentation- Global presentation for international audience in Elluminate.)

NetGenEd Project Connections:

Kayla C. (: WHS from the US.
Abdulaziz AD, QA, Qatarr
Christine_CHS (CHS) Alaska
Rachel NSHS Ashland, Pennsylvania
Nathan Allen (KS) Auckland, New Zealand

Information Technology

Timeline of the Digital Revolution

Define the digital revolution in one sentence and embed Your Timeline of the Digital Revolution

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Digital revolution is the revolution of change from analog electronic technology to digital technology that has taken place since 1980 and is still taking place today.

Convergence as we Speak

Define convergence in one sentence and embed the convergence video.

Convergence is the process of multiple technologies being brought together to form a new product.

Device Classification

Include one sentence describing the classifications for: devices, software, computers. Embed your slideshare below.

There are 2 different categories of devices which are input and output. An input device is any part of the computer hardware equipment used to provide data and control signals to an information processing system.Ex: keyboard, mouse. An output device is any part of computer hardware equipment used to communicate the results of data processing carried out by an information processing system to the outside world. Ex: monitors or printers.

The different kinds of computers include a personal computer, handheld, workstation, server, client, mainframe, supercomputer, and many more.

Some computers softwares can be application (microsoft office, or adobe) or system softwares (windows vista, or mac).

My Invention

Include 2 sentences describing your invention and embed the video below

My invention was the ADHD (Anew Diverse HIgh Definition). This invention was inspired by my own problem- ADHD. I get easily bored, and I need something to take up my time. The ADHD is a product that will help the boredom and reduce the depressing lonliness.


List all websites, software, and/or programs which use used this year in this course or others.
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Power Point
Studio 10
Reaction Grid
Microsoft OpenNote
Windows Movie Maker