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Digital Artifacts

Three Word Processing Artifacts

Two Spreadsheet Artifacts

Presentation Software Artifact

Blog Posting

What I learned from my person
This blog post is about what I learned from the person I did my powerpoint slide on. The person I chose taught me about perserverance.

Windows Movie Maker
This blog post is about the keys to moving making in Windows Movie Maker. It tells you all about making the movie and editing it.

Teen on YouTube
This post is about putting things on youtube. It tells about what you should and shouldn't put on youtube.

Intuitive Learning
This post explains the keys to intuitive learning.

Computer Safety
This blog post is about staying safe while on the comptuer. It shows you some tips about keeping yourself safe.

Wiki Artifacts

Spreadsheets Ex 2

Word Processing Ex. 7

Word Processing Ex. 20

Digital Story Artifacts


This movie is about a boy who has no values. With the help of his coach throughout the movie he finally realizes that he needs values.

Insert Space Video

This video is about proofreaders marks. It tells about inserting a space between words.


This video is describing the illustrations section of the new Microsoft Windows Vista. It takes you through a step by step process of the clip art, pictures, smart art, etc.

Planning for the Future

Jobs that Interest Me

Physical Therapist
Physical therapy/sports medicine interests me, because would really enjoy helping athletes recover from sports injuries.

Veterianary medicine intrests me because I love animals.

Dental Assistant
A job as dental assistant would intrest me, because I want everyone to have good, clean teeth.

Three Colleges that Interest Me

University of Alabama
Louisiana State Univerisity
Florida State University