Smells Like Another Cover


Project Overview

The Music- James
Smells Like Teen Spirit Cover- a.d.d.

My Project

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My Important Takeaways

  • Procrastination is bad
  • Projects are a challenge if not prepared
  • Always be prepared

The biggest challenges

We have said that recording
the video was hard. But the
hardest part, in my own opinion,
was editing the video. It took
forever to do and I am tired of it.

Project Plan

I wanted to show the people of our generation that there
was and is different music that sounds just as good (if not
better) new music, basically trying to open their eyes and
their minds to something different that had a much larger
effect on the world than most any type of music could ever
think of. I want people to realize that the music I like is not
too bland or boring, that they are still inspiring new artists,
whether the artist is Punk Rock, Country, Rap or Pop music.
The point of this project was, yes, to make a video, but also
for my generation to hear what I love so that maybe they will
give Grunge a chance and maybe discover that they like it...
Original Project plan: Upload a copy of the original proposal here.

Project Execution
We planned to record once a week.
We recorded twice and edited the video for DAYS!
Get a working microphone and not procrastinate.

For those who do this type of project in the future.

Make sure your instruments are functional, make sure you can work a computer,
know what you're going to play and how to play it.