Inventor: Lauren Allen
Wake Up Inc.

Description of product

Wake-A-Latte is an app that can be downloaded onto your Apple Watch. When you wake up and start moving, the app sends a signal to your Bluetooth coffee maker. By the time you make it to the kitchen, your coffee is hot and ready to drink!
Don't make a latte, Wake-A-Latte!



The following technologies have converged to make this technology possible:
  • apple watch
  • coffee maker (with Bluetooth)

Internet Access

How will this product access the internet?
The app is uploaded to the internet so it can be used by anyone with an Apple Watch.


Do you already see this product emerging into the marketplace? If so, include photos and examples.
I do not see it on the marketplace until Apple Watches are more popular.


Director-Lauren A.
Filmer-Kinley G.
Actress-Lauren A. and cat
Music: Beyonce