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Date of lesson: Friday 13,2013Grade you'll be teaching: K-5What app will you be using: Tynker
Team Leader (s): Karsyn
Team Members: Damon,Rebekah, Tanner, Chandler,Vince


We will already have Tynker pulled up on every computer for the children, we will ten instruct them to play puppy adventure (mini). If they feel comfortable playing that and do it well they can then move to a higer difficulty level.

Outline your plans for what the class will do. If it is mostly one on one, type up a list for each "personal teacher" to go through to help the students.
We will teach the students how to use the mouse and computer we will also teach them how to get onto the website and to help them learn how to program on the website. We will then give the students a certificate telling the parents what they participated in. It will help the students feel more accomplished and excited and will hopefully make them want to continue to use the coding website.

Introduction and Hook

What will be your "hook" for today?
We will play Christmas music to get them in the spirit. Jingle Bells

Who will welcome students:KarsynWhat will be the instructions:DamonWhat will be on the board: TannerWho will be "running" the computer: Vince What will be on the student computers: ChandlerWill the student computers be logged in with a certain ID? with our own I.D: The students will be logging in as themselves.

During Class

List what will be done in class -- list the approximate amount of time on each (if you know).

We will be playing puppy adventure on Tynker to teach them how to use code and what it is. It will most likely take the entire period.

Ending Class

We will show the children what they were apart of, and how they got there, and what they accomplished.
We will stop around 8:55.

Additional Material

We will hand them a parent hand out, and certificate of completion.


Who will make your handouts: Karsyn
What will you hand the students to take home to their parents? -- Damon

Additional Jobs

Photographer: Rebekah&Vince

Anything you need from Mrs. Davis?Maybe just a little help in guiding us in the right direction on teaching the kids how to program.

Reflection and Evaluation

Put 5 photos here along with a one paragraph summary of what you did.