Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend

Lindsey B

Project Overview

My Presentation

My Project

This is a screen shot of a video on my website. Created on 4/12/12
This is a screen shot of my Youtube video. Created on: 4/12/12

My Important Takeaways

  • I've learned that it is important to help someone become a better softball player.
  • I've learned how to create a website.
  • I've learned how to upload videos to my computer, Youtube, and my website.

The biggest challenges

The biggest challenges I had with this project was uploading videos to my computer into Pinnacle. I couldn't figure out how to upload videos from Pinnacle to Youtube and then from Youtube to my website.
But I overcame these challenges by asking for help.

Project Plan

The plan for my project is to help girls be better softball players. I'm showing them how to have good techniques to become a better softball player.
Original Project plan

Project Execution

I planned to spend my time on videoing and researching videos for my website. I spent time working on my website, videoing videos, and researching my videos. Next time I would video all my videos at one time so I could upload and edit them then work on my website.

For those who do this type of project in the future.

The advice I have for anyone who does this project in the future is: to video your videos ahead of time so that you can go ahead and upload them then work on everything else that you have to work on.