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Blog Postings:

Blog 1 :
It is really important for people to know the difference in Phishing and Pharming because it is really important for people to protect their identity on the internet.
Blog 2:
This was a journal i wrote in English class and i had a free blog post due that week so i decided to type it up.
Blog 3:
Being that Writely isn't on the internet (now known as Google Docs) anymore is was a cool feature that had a lot of awesome feature when compared to Wikis.
Blog 4:
Also comparing Writely and Word, Writely still has a lot of cool features unlike the older Word.
Blog 5 :
This was Intuitive learning and we use this while we independently work.

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Planning - Predetermining a course of events
*Prioritize Your Planning (Lindsey)
Prioritize you daily list - Identifying appropriate values (priority) and order (urgency) of events

Three steps for your daily list
  1. make your list (it should evolve
  2. assign values
  3. use sequence (order)

A - High value - Must be done today, Cannot wait!
B - Important - Should be done but can wait for now
C - Optional - Can be done, if and only i have free time

Planning For the Future

Jobs that Interest Me

Forensic Science
I have always been interested in CSI and Forensic files on TV and I think i would enjoy it.
My mom always told me that when i was little that i always had a camera in my hand and now i love to take pictures.
I have always been fascinated with the ocean and ocean life.

Three Colleges that Interest Me

CSULA Los Angeles

Albany State University