Do You Have Pearly Whites.

By: Elizabeth D

Project Overview

This is my hootsuite for my Twitter account

This is my profile page for my Twitter account.

This is a few of my sheduled tweets.

This is a screenshot of my WordPress Blog Page.

My Project

My HootSuite Scheduled Tweets - This is a link to my HootSuite page that has my Tweets.
My HootSuite Home Page - This is a link to my HootSuite home page.
My Twitter Profile Page - This is a link to my Twitter profile page.
My WordPress Blog Page - This is a link to my blog page for my WordPress.

My Important Takeaways

  • I've learned if you want to gain followers you must sometimes first follow others. Put yourself out there.
  • I've learned HootSuite is a great system for scheduling tweets.
  • It is easier to work alone on this type of project.

The biggest challenges

I had to create a Twitter account & get myself out there so I would be able to gain more followers. It can be hard sometimes to find people that would help with my cause.

  1. Posting tweets. I couldn't sit around all day posting tweets so I found a website to help with my tweets. Hoot Suite. With Hoot Suite I could scheduled tweets and it would post them automatically to my twitter.
  2. Getting followers. It can be hard gaining followers when you don't have many connection. Through following other people I began to gain more and more followers. It also helps to be nice!
  3. Coming up with tweets. I had to got A LOT of websites to find information for my tweets.

Project Plan

My project involves me making a Twitter account & scheduling tweets about dental health. I am trying to raise awareness about teeth, so people will take even better care of their teeth. I now have over 100 followers & I hope to gain even more followers by the end of May. I have tweets scheduled up til the end of May.

Original Plan-
This is my orginal plan on how I would do my FreshmanProject.

Project Execution

I planned to create a Twitter account, organize tweets to post twice a day up to a certain point, write at least one blog, & gain 200 hundred followers on my Twitter account. So far I have done all but reach 200 followers & write my blog. Next time I would plan what to do a sooner.

For those who do this type of project in the future.

You need to be very organized & get started early. It helps! I started early and it was easier!