Sweet Dreams Pillow

Inventor: Loren Wray
Sweet Dreams Inc.

Description of product

The "Sweet Dreams Pillow" is a pillow that will save your dreams. By connecting the memory fibers to your Bluetooth on a phone, a person will be able to watch his or her dream from the night before. To save the video of the dream, just save it to your computer and download it. The pillow will be made with a cooling system and will cost around $70.00.



The following technologies have converged to make this technology possible:
  • iPhone 6s
  • Bluetooth
  • Memory fibers

Internet Access

It will access the internet by connecting to the Bluetooth on a phone and the dream will play on your phone.


I have not found anything being made like a pillow that saves dreams but I do see it being a popular invention in the future.


Director/Filmer- Loren
Main girl- Camilla
Voice Over- Dawson
Music- Hush Little Baby Lullaby