Project Name

Madison T
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Project Overview

We Can Change the World

My Project




My Important Takeaways

  • That animation is a long process that takes time and management.
  • That just one person can make a difference in the world if they really try
  • That the more Kerrie and I worked on this project, the better we got, and learned of our mistakes quicker

The biggest challenges

The animation features a song, and we had to lip sync our characters to the artists voice. That was the hardest part, do to the songs constant tempo changes.
When you look over the project though, you'll see the whole animation process was difficult. each frame took about 10 minutes, so you can only guess how much time we put into this.

Project Plan

Kerrie and I decided to make an animation that would inspire people to recycle and treat the earth well.
Original Project plan:
The Freshman Project

Title: We can change The World

Madison T., Project Manager

Description: I will make an animation about the environment, recycling, and helping people in general, in an attempt to help the world, and get others involved. The video will last anywhere from 3 minutes, to 5 minutes, maybe longer depending . This will include the actual video, plus the opening, and closing credits.

Research Required: We will be researching ways to help the environment, and will post the video on youtube and ning when we are done

Technology Required: We are still unsure about the programs we will be using, but here are a few that we might use. Windows Movie Maker, Paint, Paint.Net, Gimp, Adobe Flash, Adobe Photoshop, Paint tool SAI, Corel Painter Essentials, and we will be using our Wacom Bamboo Tablets to draw the animations, so with your permission we will need to let our computers download the software that comes with it.

Due Dates: December 15th: Sketches and rough drafts.
January 31st: Line Art and ½ finished backgrounds/drops.
March 1st: add color and finished Backgrounds.
April 10th: Add lighting and Shading and then review and fix any problems that come up.
May 6th: Final video.

Mentor: I currently do not know any one experienced in animation.

Justification: Doing this project would help people become more aware of recycling, and helping keep our earth clean. I want to do this because I feel that keeping our environments clean is extremely important, and also because this will help me practice animation and art, which is what I want to go to college for.
Originally I had planned to do this project with Kerrie, but I feel that if I do this project with her I will end up doing most of the work…..I don’t want to leave her by herself with no idea of what to do for her project, so I will do the project with her any way, unless you think differently.
Estimated number of hours: I will start as soon as I can get my tablets program downloaded.
7 to 10 hours – Sketching out the whole animation
3 to 5 hours - Line art
6 to 8 hours – Colors
Other Information: I will need to download a program from a disk I’m bringing from home for my tablet to work.

-Madison T.

Project Execution

We spent each month on one single animation element. First month we worked on sketches, second month we worked on Line art/Inking, the third month we colored, and finished sketching out anything we missed, or needed to edit.

For those who do this type of project in the future.

Spend as much time as you can on your animation, especially if your doing it alone.