Inventor: Mark
Glass Enterprises

Description of product

The guide watch gps will allow the blind to be aware of their surroundings by only wearing a watch, and also give detailed directions based on where they want to go. They will no longer need to carry around unnecessary canes or worry about guide dogs. The sonar
will inform them of what is around them by use of the watch on one arm, and bracelets on the other arm and legs. When the wearer is close to walking into an obstruction, the watch or bracelets closest to the obstruction will vibrate and let the wearer be aware of it. The gps feature will give the wearer simple to understand directions about going to the grocery store or to go to Mc Donald's. The wearer simply uses a voice command to upload the map and instructions to the watch, and it will start the directions.The gps and sonar will give the wearer constant feedback on their location, and greatly improve the quality of life of all wearers.



The following technologies have converged to make this technology possible:
  • Sonar
  • Gps
  • Smartphone
  • Watch

Internet Access

This product will use the internet, like google or apple maps to access maps and instructions that will direct the wearer to locations like grocery stores or restaurants.


No, this product is not emerging yet, but the technology that will enable the creation of this device is being developed presently.


Mark Glass-producer, Cole Smith-actor, Ashley Carden-voice-over