Student Name: Mason Jones
Date Turned in: May 1st 2009
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Final Video

As your final video, each student will summarize a different technology. This video should include the following:
A brief description of this technology
A sample of how it is used in the classroom and real life. (At least 1 example for each with a screenshot.)
Screen shots of the technology
An interview with 1-2 people about how they use the technology
A brief tutorial/ tour is worth bonus.

It should have the proper Creative commons License.
This video should be uploaded the Digiteen Dream Team youtube channel and embedded here. If you do not wish it to go on the channel, see me for alternate embedding.

Applications Proficiency

Word Processing

Word Processing Artifact #1:
Program Used: Microsoft Word

Word Processing Artifact #2: How Google could have made money with Lively
Program used: Google Docs


Spreadsheet Artifact:
Program used: Microsoft Excel

Spreadsheet Artifact: Just link to the public form here.
Program Used: Google Forms/ Spreadsheet


PowerPoint Artifact

Online Proficiency


Hyperlink to your best blog posts.
Blog Post #1:
Why this exemplifies my best work: It tells you more about me and was the most fun.
Hyperlink and/or copy: Pictures That Represent Me

Blog Post #2
Why this exemplifies my best work: It shows how much I know about Digital Law.
Hyperlink and/or copy: Digital Law

Blog Post #3
Why this exemplifies my best work: This was actually my first ever Jing.
Hyperlink and/or copy:Jing

Wikis and Collaboration

Wiki #1 - Lesson Wiki - This was my first ever wiki where I worked on it with other people.
Hyperlink:Data Communications Lesson Wiki

Wiki #2 - International Wiki Collaboration - Using the wiki to collaborate international on a current trend and event. (Digiteen)
Digital Law Wiki

Wiki #3 - Another wiki (Description)
Action Wiki

Digiteen Dream Team

Describe your actions for the Digiteen Project and Digiteen Dream team with hyperlinks here.
I started on the Digiteen Ning by writing blog posts and working with other people from around the world. I worked on theDigiteen Wiki and wrote about digital law.

Programs & Websites Used this Year

1. Microsoft Word
2. Microsoft Excel
3. Microsoft Publisher
4. Audacity
5. Youtube
6. Google Lively
7. Westwood Wiki
8. Digiteen Ning
9.Digiteen Wiki
10. iGoogle
11. Google Docs
12. Jing
13. Animoto

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