We will create a virsona. This is a forerunner of virtual personas that will probably be displayed via holograph. After these "virsonas" are programmed, you will literally be able to talk to them as a real person.


  • Herman Hollerith- Hunter, Taylor, Michael
  • Ada Lovelace (Augusta Ada Byron)- Kaycie, Kayla, Will
  • Charles Babbage
  • Bill Gates- Annabelle, Jake, John
  • Steve Jobs- Shelby, Joy, Skylar, Kara
  • Steve Wozniak- Jay, Kathryn, Jake K

Links to Your Virsonas

Name of Person: Insert the person's name and a link to their virsona.
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Blog Post - Question of the Week

This Friday you will write a post answering the following question:
What are the implications of programming a virtual person? It has been said that history goes to the person who writes it, how would this be true of creation of a virsona? Where do you predict this will go in the future?
Assignment Tag: 8_29_2008_cs_qow