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Project Overview

My Project

These are the links to the reviews I have written that have already been published on Kindle Kids Corner:
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My personal pages:
EbookBelle's Twitter
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These are the links to some of the networks that have helped me extremely in this project:
Google Docs

My Important Takeaways

  • I have been able to put a lot of time into this project that I wouldn't have been able to do if I hadn't been able to work on it though this freshman project.I feel I will take away the qualities of being a better writer and reviewer thanks to this project.
  • This project has helped show me doors and qualities have that I didn't know before. I'm still at a point in my schooling where I'm undecided about what I wish to do in the future, but seeing the responses and praise I have received from my reviews has really made me consider a career in journalism, but who knows!
  • Since starting this project, I really wanted to get people more active in Kindle Kid's corner, but I promised myself not to get discouraged if it didn't really catch on. Many people are very busy with hectic schedules and don't have time to sit down and read a book and write a review, especially if they don't like to read. I've learned not to give up though, because the few kids I have gotten on this project are wonderful writers and have the qualities to be great very soon. It may not be the biggest activity at Westwood but it's still growing and that's all I could ask for.
  • Another big thing that's been a challenge for me, is organization. I'm really bad about keeping things organized, but thanks to Trello and Google Docs, I have learned to stay organized and not all in a clutter!
  • I've also come to realize that if you give someone something to work on that matters to them, they will put more effort in it than something they don't care about.

The biggest challenges

  • One of the biggest challenges for me on this project was staying focused. It's really hard to stop, put down a really good book, or while your in to middle of a review and make sure you are organized and on track with what you need to be doing!
  • Another, is trying to get others to participate in the Kindle Corner Kid's Club at Westwood. (Even with bribes such as bonus points for writing a review!)
  • Something I am really bad about is perfection. I don't do anything half way, and that's a good thing most of the time but when you have so much to do it's hard leaving something wrong to just keep on going and going back and proofing it later. (Like this wiki, putting a slide show that's no where near ready to be presented or to finish typing and then fix my errors is killing me!!)
  • Trying to do my absolute best even when I'm really not in the mood to work.

I am still working on overcoming these challenges, but I am determined to stay on task, keep myself organized, do my best to encourage new Kindle Kid's Club members, and to over all do my very best on this project~

Project Plan

In the begining, I had planned to team up with Elizabeth R. and create a website to keep the varsity cheer squad organized and informed. This site would include video tutorials for tumbling, cheers, chants, and basic stunts. Our goal was to have a place for people, especially new cheerleaders, to go and learn the material without effecting and taking away from our practice time!
Original Project plan: .
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Project Execution

I had first planned to do my freshman project on cheerleading, and keeping our squad organized and up to date with all things Westwood with a website. My "to do list" has completely changed since then because I ended up changing my project as a whole.

For those who do this type of project in the future.

For the next person who choose to take on this type of project, please enjoy reading! If you don't this isn't the kind of project for you! I highly suggest doing Kindle Kid's Corner and just a simple reviewer first and decide how you feel about it before you choose this sort of project. A freshman project is very time consuming and if you don't enjoy what your doing it will drag on and be no fun! I also strongly suggest getting in touch with Candace from Kindle Kid's Corner! She will keep you up to date about what's going on and her opinion on your reviews. Another bit of advice that will help you a lot in the long run, is what kind of software you use! I highly recommend both Trello and Google Docs! I could not have done this project with out both of these! For one more little hint of advice, have fun! I love reading and my schedule doesn't allow me much free time, so with a whole class dedicated to a project around reading, it gave the time I needed to enjoy a couple very good book through out my very busy school year! I hope you take advantage of the freshman project opportunity and pick something your interested in! If reading or journalism is something you would like to look in to or you find fun, this is the kind of project you need to get in to!