Name:Michael J
Date:April 27, 2009

Summary of Work done in Introduction to Computer Science 2008-2009

Summary Reflection of the Year

I have learned a lot this year with the projects that we have done, Flat Class Room project and NetGenEd project. With the Flat Class Room project my topic was The World Wide Web and so I learned a lot of things about the web like its history and changes that I would not have known unless I had done this project. With the NetGenEd project I was assigned the topic semantic aware apps, this was by far the most interesting thing that I had learned this year, this technology is what I expect everyone to be using in the near future because it is very useful. Working with other people from so many different places across the world was a new experience and a surprising one. The kids my age from the other countries such as Australia are a lot more like me than I would have expected. My favorite things that was have done this year would have to be making videos, blogging , and playing on open sim. I feel that technology should not just be in computer class I feel it should have some role in all classes.

Global Collaboration

Open Sim, NetGenEd project, and Flat classroom project.

Flat Classroom Project

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My video was about the World Wide Web. It Shows how people wanting to get their name out there can just go to the internet
and there they will be seen by millions of people.

In the Flat Classroom project I studied the World Wide Web. I had to look into the history of the World Wide Web, who invented it, when, where, etc...

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Flat Classroom Conference

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NetGenEd Project

My video was not approved to be uploaded for NetGenEd Project.

In the NetGenEd Project my topic was semantic aware apps. Semantic technology is defiantly going to be used as much as google if not more in the near future. True Knowledge is a perfect example of what semantic technology however it is only open for beta.

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Information Technology

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Convergence as we Speak

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Device Classification

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My Invention

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Computer Review Video Game

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