Breckenridge snow skiing

Mitch W

Project Overview

My Project

My Important Takeaways

  • skiing in Breckenridge furthered my skiing ability
  • editing the film helped me learn to use windows movie maker.
  • doing the blogs helped me learn to blog better, and helped me learn how to use the websites better.

The biggest challenges

my biggest challenge while on the mountain was continuing to ski at 13,000 feet when it was -16 degrees, because the thin freezing air makes your lungs feel like they are in fire.
A challenge off the slopes was learning how to use windows movie maker.
also making the film watchable because for some reason the resolution was low, and the film became pixelated when I converted it.

Project Plan

Insert a 2-3 sentence overview of the plan for your project.
Original Project plan:

s to do an instructional video over skiing.
my first 2 videos were fundamental skiing videos, and they were on easy slopes because i wasn't totally used to skiing again.
my final video was a montage of some of the hardest slopes the resort had to offer.

Project Execution

I spent 30 minutes shooting film on the first day and my stepdad was filming me with a handheld camera. I spent a half day with the helmet camera the 2nd day and the 3rd day, and only had 3 minutes of video, because i edited out all the falls, and the boring parts.
i spent, more time further editing in windows movie maker. i added music to the videos and uploaded them to youtube.

For those who do this type of project in the future.

Make plenty of film, and try to use a helmet camera. The easiest way to get good film while snowskiing is to use a helmet camera. You will get better footage if you just tirn the camera on and forget about it. It requires more editing, but you will have hours of film to sort through.