Inventor: Mitt P.
BrainBand Inc.

Description of product

The BrainBand is a bandana-like band that will revolutionize your world. The BrainBand will be able to control your TV by your brainwaves, which determine your mood.The BrainBand will connect over Wi-Fi to your Smart TV, and based on your mood, it will find an appropriate show for you. This revolutionary technology will change the world forever. So, when you come home from school, and you don't know what to watch, do not fear, the BrainBand is here! It will choose your TV show for you! Indecisiveness will not be a problem anymore!



The following technologies have converged to make this technology possible:
  • Sweatband
  • Electroencephalography technology
  • Wi-Fi

Internet Access

This product will use Wi-Fi to connect to your already Wi-Fi connected Smart TV. It will then measure your brainwaves to determine your mood. Based on your mood, it will transfer data to the TV, and then the TV will change to a show appropriate for your mood.


I have not seen technology specifically like this in the market. There is a pair of headphones that measure brainwaves to choose music, but no technology like the BrainBand has emerged in the market yet.


Mitt P. (Schoolboy and Jacques Francis)
Akshay P. (Ravi Bezawada)

Director and Producer:
Mitt P.

Mitt P.
Akshay P.