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Morgan S.

Project Overview

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My Project

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My Important Takeaways

  • Technology really can help you learn with nice, simple apps.
  • Twitter is much more than just a social network.
  • With support, you can go really far in something that you had only dreamed about.
  • Autism isn't a life ending disease. It's just a handicap that makes your journey that much better when you reach your goal and you're stronger than ever before.

The biggest challenges

1. Learning how to become a good Tweeter.
-I overcame this by listening to my teacher, Mrs. Vicki, who is basically like an Olympic tweeter! She gave me some great tips.
2. Figuring out where to start.
-I had so many ideas for my project, that I had no clue where to even begin. Mrs. Fran Sheffield, my mentor, and Mrs. Vicki Davis, my teacher, gave me advice on how to begin and what direction I should go in.
3.Balancing time.
-I'm 14 and do varsity sports, so balancing my time isn't exactly my strong point. Mrs. Vicki helped me by introducing me to Hootsuite, a website designed for Twitter to help balance your account/tweets. When I wasn't talking to Mrs. Fran, we were emailing each other discussing which paths to take and how to approach them.

Project Plan

Original Project plan:
My original plan consisted of updating my blogs consistently, interviewing 8 people who are influenced by autism, and going to observe in a school.

Updated Project plan:
This is my new proposal. As I got more in depth with my project, my time management changed.

Project Execution

I originally planned to spend my time as following:
Blogging: 15 hrs.
Observing: 20 hrs.
Reviewing with Mrs. Fran: 10 hrs.
I actually wound up spending my time MUCH differently. As you saw from my new proposal, I spent 52-55 hours on blogging, 2-3 hours on observing, and about 6 hours reviewing with Mrs. Fran. I learned numerous things while working on this project. One thing I would do differently would be to balance out my time better. It makes your job much more easier knowing what to do next and saves you time too!

For those who do this type of project in the future.

Find a great mentor who knows a lot about the autism life. Make sure you try to balance your time out! I have found that it is easier to decide what you want to do in a 2 week period rather than 2 months, but that's just me! Connect. Connect. Connect! Social networks are some of the best ways to really get your word out and reach out to those who are very prominent in that area.


I would like to thank Mrs. Vicki for helping me get started on my project and keep me going with it! It was great getting tips and hearing,"very nice job" when you didn't know what to do next. Mrs. Fran was the best mentor anyone could ask for! She saved me so much time with research and always was ready to listen to me when I came in. Seeing her as excited as I was really made it worthwhile. Johnny and Brandon are some of my best friends. Johnny sits beside me in computer, so he would always listen to me when I was confused or just needed an opinion. He kept me smiling. Since I didn't have access to an iPad, Brandon was nice enough to let me borrow his. I used it for testing apps, reading reviews, and taking screenshots. Without his help, I wouldn't have been able to take the next step in my project by reaching out to people and giving them great apps! Riya and Margaret are some other friends of mine, and man do they have an eye for design! They both helped me by giving me advice on my presentation. Mrs. Paige and Krysten offered their expertise in the autism department by letting me interview them. My parents were very encouraging with this project too, along with Jamie. Thank you so much y'all!