Nanotechnology as it relates to hardware

Hardware technology, although it can be small, is not as small as it is going to get. Nanotechnology is an emerging field and to discuss hardware, we must discuss the emergence of nanotechnology. Within the next ten years, nanotechnology will affect many areas of our lives that we currently cannot imagine!

Our expert - Tuesday 2:15 pm Interview

We will be interviewing Earl Boysen, author of Nanotechnology for Dummies and - he is also a columnist for Nanotechnology. Questions about nanotechnology is our wiki page that will be shared with our guest speaker to include your questions about nanotechnology.

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Our goal is to create a wiki to share information with others about Nanotechnology because there is not a lot of information on a high school student level.

What is Nanotechnology?

How does Nanotechnology work?

Examples of Nanotechnology Use

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