Passion Driven Learning Project

This is our passion driven learning project. It will be 20% of your grade for this 8 week period and will be given in lieu of a test over the computer software chapter. You should show thorough knowledge of every aspect of software and hardware as outlined in the book as you select the ideal hardware and software for a person who works in your major field.

There are excellent resources about your various majors if you log into the online textbook and look at the additional resources link on the left. (You will have to log in.)

Your Project Wikis

List your PDL project major below to link to your page -- put your name beside your major.

Agricultural Sciences -Andrew G.
Book Publishing - Casey C.
Philosophy Research - Trenton N.
Optometry - Katie B.
Movie Editing - Andrew S.
Hospitality Industry - Drew T.
Music Production- Kristy S.
Computers for judging a cutting horse futurity-Ty B.
Golf Course Management - Jordan N.
Animal Sciences- Trey H.
Extension Office Managment-Matt T
Hunting Industry - Tyler F
Animation - Collin E.


You have decided on a "major" area of interest. For this major you will do the following:

Definition of Audience

Hardware Recommendations

Software Recommendations

Type of Software

Buying the Software

Additional Websites

Emerging Trends to Consider

Tools Used

Citation Generator

Bookmarking Tool

Graphing/ Charting Tool

New Software Used


Last Year's Project

Last year, the project scenarios were determined by me. You can learn a lot from their answers. The difference is that this year you are researching something that you are passionate about!