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Final Video

As your final video, each student will summarize a different technology. This video should include the following:
A brief description of this technology
A sample of how it is used in the classroom and real life. (At least 1 example for each with a screenshot.)
Screen shots of the technology
An interview with 1-2 people about how they use the technology
A brief tutorial/ tour is worth bonus.

It should have the proper Creative commons License.
This video should be uploaded the Digiteen Dream Team youtube channel and embedded here. If you do not wish it to go on the channel, see me for alternate embedding.

Applications Proficiency

Word Processing

Word Processing Artifact #1:Chapter 3
Program Used: Microsoft Word

Word Processing Artifact #2:My Best Google Doc
Program used: Google Docs


Spreadsheet Artifact:
Program used: Microsoft Excel

Spreadsheet Artifact: Registration Form for Net-Gen Award Show
Program Used: Google Forms/ Spreadsheet


PowerPoint Artifact

My Seven Greatest Accomplishments

Online Proficiency


Hyperlink to your best blog posts.
Blog Post #1:Blog Posts are Evil?
This is one of my best blog posts because I wrote it when a man named Al Upton told us about how the Australian police came to his school and deleted all of his students blog posts. I wrote this to show people that blog posts are important and at times are needed.
Hyperlink and/or copy:

Blog Post #2:About Me
This is one of my best blog posts because it's a movie I made describing me.
Hyperlink and/or copy:

Blog Post #3:The Fight Before Christmas: Saving Lively
This is by far my best blog post because it talks about our struggle to save google Lively from being shut down. Although we failed, we held a protest in the virtual world itself and we were able to find a new virtual world.
Hyperlink and/or copy:

Wikis and Collaboration

Wiki #1 - Lesson Wiki - .Optical Storage and Flash Memory

Wiki #2 - International Wiki Collaboration - Communication

Wiki #3 - Another wiki On the digiteen wiki, I helped the digital communications group by editing the page and adding facts about digital communication.

Digiteen Dream Team

During the digiteen project, I was involved in the digital communications group. I edited the wiki page and I was involved in the Lively Experiment and the Lively Protest. I also built signs on digiteen island on OpenSim
Digiteen Wiki
Digiteen Dreamteam Blog

Programs & Websites Used this Year

westwood wiki
Digiteen Wiki
creative commons
Reaction Grid