Dairy Queen Commercial

Peyton & Ashley

Project Overview


My Project


My Important Takeaways

  1. writing a script
  2. you have to make sure all your actors are on board and can play the part
  3. making sure setting and script match and having the time to shoot the commercial.

Finding time to write the script and shoot the videos.

Project Plan

The plan was to create a commercial advertising the sweet meal deals at Dairy Queen. So, we wrote a script and added people for our class to film.
Original Project plan:

Project Execution

I planned to spend it just writing the script and finishing the video for the commercial. It is definitely a lot more work than I thought and the time has mostly been spent on organizing, editing scripts, and setting aside time for the videos. Next time, I would put more planning into the project.

For those who do this type of project in the future.

Make sure you have everything planned. Your script needs to be ready for shooting the video and you also need to fine the perfect time and setting for your commercial.