What is it?

A podcast is the Web-based broadcast of music which works with software that automatically detects new files and is accessed by subscription.

Podcasting for dummies. What is it? If you think your not smart don't worry because you can podcast too!

Why is it called podcasting?

The name podcasting comes from combining the words iPod and Broadcasting.

How does it work?

Recording a non-music audio broadcast (news, sports, discussion, etc.) in the MP3 format for playback in a digital music player.

Podcasting only requires a digital recorder, a connection to the Internet and a host. An iPOD is not required.

There are many websites with instructions on how to podcast:

Want to teach with podcasting? Now you can with podcasting directory for teaching and learning!

Simple steps to podcasting by Mrs. Davis

Why would anyone want to do this?

Podcasting can be used for many different things.

According Podcasting Tools,the 8 primary reasons someone would want to podcast is:
1.) Talk Shows
2.) Music Shows
3.) Interviews
4.) Story Telling
5.) Tutorials
6.) Directions
7.) Commentaries
8.) Sportscasts.

external image spacer.gif Why **YOU** want to podcast!

(Podcasting emerges as an ebusiness tool includes a brief summary of how podcasting

works and 5 extra reasons for someone like YOU to podcast)

*Podcast For the Right Reasons*

  • Achieve trusted advisor status with your clients and prospects
  • Become perceived as a subject matter expert in your field of expertise and knowledge
  • Establish a consistent branded communication channel via podcasts with your target market and audience
  • Become a knowledge center for users online that desire your value added content
  • Further extend your brand online with podcasts
  • Put a personal touch and voice to your business
  • Increased loyalty from podcast listeners and subscribers

Who uses it?

Everyone from small businesses to large companies to radio broadcasters use Podcasting to advertise. Artists are also able to use it for marketing tools to promote their music. SNP uses podcasting to distibute confidential, mission-critical information for Fortune 500 sales organizations.

If you don't think that podcasting is for real then you should check it out for yourself.

When was the term invented?

Click Here to learn how podcasting was originated.

Adam Curry, former MTV VJ, developed Podcasting. The term was coined from Apple's iPOD. Podcasting uses RSS 2.0 to make Podcasts available to users. A great directory of information that is being podcast can be found at podcast.net.

**How was Podcasting invented and made popular????**The term Podcasting was invented by Dannie J. Gregoire, who registered the domain name podcasting.com, discovered and reported on by Dave Slusher of the evil genius chronicles and made popular by former MTV VJ and Dutch weblogger Adam Curry's original ipodder.org ipodder script

Where are some websites that are examples?

A Website helpful with Podcasting that includes Podcast Directories and Podcasts AKA Podcasting 101

The Latest on Podcasting:

Want the freshest Podcasts around? Well it can be found! They're the freshest podcast on the planet!

Want shows for your Podcast, you can go to podcast alley and find shows to watch.Can't get the news? Want it? You can now custimize your news with podcaster news. Just sign up, custimize, listen, and enjoy. Love Poetry? Want to hear poems by your favorite poets, for example: Langston Hughes, well you can now. Are you a doctor or nature freak? Now you can listen to other's research and articles from that week's issue of Nature.

Podcasting for Dummies

Want to listen to your favorite radio shows and audio programs anytime? Just subscribe to the podcasts you want iTunes takes care of the rest. Updates occur automatically. New episodes appear like magic. Podcasts sync to your iPod as soon as you dock it. Fast.Easy.Free. Podcasts on iTunes.

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