Inventor: Rebekah B.

Description of product

Combining the power of contacts with state-of-the-art video processing technology, EyeShot allows it's users to more vividly and realistically capture the world around them. Unlike the Go-Pro, EyeShot occupies virtually no space, and captures the world just as you see it. How does it work? In order to activate its video processor, EyeShot must only detect motion. Videos captured through EyeShot automatically stream to your digital device's photo library, where you can view and edit them as you please.



The following technologies have converged to make this technology possible:

  • contacts
  • Video camera

Internet Access

EyeShot will access the internet through wireless internet capabilities comparable to cellular data. Internet server is accommodated according to the user's preference.


You now see many various camera hybrids emerging in the modern technology markets. However, EyeShot is still in its "infancy" (less known than its competitor, Go-Pro), but is rapidly gaining public acknowledgment as a useful and practical technology.


Actors- Isaac, Matt, various unidentified persons,

Sound Effects and Music
Vinh Tran (YouTube)