Project Name

All About Diesel

Project Overview

My Project

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My Important Takeaways

  • How to bulid a sucessful website
  • Not to wait till the last moment to try and cram and get it done
  • How to blog

The biggest challenges

My hardest challenge was learning how to use Weebly to create my website. I overcame that challenge by getting some of my classmates to explain and help me with using Weebly.

Project Plan

Insert a 2-3 sentence overview of the plan for your project.
Original Project plan:

Project Execution

I planned to spend some amount of time on it every chance I got, but i did really get to spend everyday on it so some days I had to cram. I managed to finish the project on time,but I wish I could have got it done earlier.

For those who do this type of project in the future.

My advice for future freshman would to be choose a topic that they enjoy and would be easy for them to work on. Also a great piece of advice would be to work on it every chance you get because the more time you spend on it the better it will be.
You will be a lot happier if you go ahead and finish early instead of worrying if you are going to be able to finish.