The Waterfowls Way

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Project Overview



My Project

  • Building a website takes time
  • Getting information and facts is important for a good website
  • Websites need to be appealing to the eye

My Biggest Challenges

The challenges I faced was learning to use Weebly. Getting the foundation set for my website was hard but after a couple of days of playing around with it I finally learned the meachanics.

Project Plan

My plan was to build a website that hunters could use and get useful information out of. The website tells mainly what is needed when you are going hunting and what i recommend and use. My website tells you everything from boots to calls and everything in between. This website is made for a new and up coming hunter.
Original Project plan: .

Project Execution

My time I had planed to use was mostly on just watching birds and recording the movements throughout the season, my plans got altered and that did not end up happening.

For those who do this type of project in the future.

Focus on the website you are trying to build because that will end up taking up most of your time.DuckHuntersGuide