Med Tech for Tots

Riya P.

Project Overview

My Project

The website I have created is Published on March 26.
My YouTube channel is PediatricVideoswhich was created on December 15, 2011.

This video is about an X-ray machine, and it was posted on YouTube on April 25.

This video is about a CT/CAT scan machine, and it was posted on YouTube on April 25.

This video is about a thermometer that measures body temperature, and it was posted on YouTube on March 26.

This video is about the hemoglobin machine, and it was posted on YouTube on March 13.

This video describes an otoscope, ophthalmoscope, and a stethoscope, and it was posted on YouTube on March 13.

This video is about an oximeter, a machine that checks oxygen levels, and it was posted on YouTube on March 13.

This video is about an audiometer, a machine that checks your hearing, and it was posted on YouTube on March 13.

This video is about a blood pressure monitor, and it was posted on YouTube on January 4.

On the website, this is part of my homepage which was created on March 6.


This is a video in the 'videos' tab which was created in the first week of March.


This is one of my blogs which was created and published on April 27.


These are two more of my blogs which were created in the second week of March and published on March 26.

This is a screenshot of the slideshow on the homepage of my website which was created on April 25.

My Important Takeaways

  • I have learned how to work Weebly.
  • I have learned about machines that I never knew about such as the Oximeter and Audiometer.
  • I have learned that you should always come prepared. When I did not know what to say in the videos, it would take almost an hour to film just one video. When I came prepared with what to say and how to demonstrate each video, it took only 20-30 minutes to film each video.

The biggest challenges

  • I think one of my biggest challenges was to learn how to use Weebly. I had to play with it a bit and searched how to work Weebly on the internet. I clicked on every button that I could find, and soon enough, I found out all of the features that Weebly had to offer.
  • My next challenge was thinking of what to say in the videos without appearing to be nervous. In the beginning of my first four videos, I would be very nervous. I'd keep on messing up what I would have to say, but then, my dad told me to relax. He said that for now, it was only my brother and him that were watching, not the whole world. If I messed up, we could start over. That made me relax, and the rest of the videos weren't so bad to shoot after I practiced a couple of times in front of the mirror.
  • My last challenge was figuring out the way to edit my videos. I tried Pinnacle, but it would not make a movie out of my edited video. I had to figure out another way. I ended up using Windows Movie Maker. It turned out Windows was quicker and easier to use. It was simple but still very effective. I didn't need anything fancy anyway. My project was on something based on the medical field, not a circus.
  • Weebly would only let me put 10 blog posts up on my website. When I put up more than 10, my oldest blog post would just delete by itself. I had to take off the least important post.

Project Plan

I created eight videos, a YouTube channel, 10 blog posts, and a website. Each video explained 1-3 machines or tools at a pediatrician's office and was posted on my YouTube channel, PediatricVideos. The website had my blog and all of my videos, and I also added a slideshow and an "About Us" page.

Original Project plan:

Project Execution

This is how I planned to spend my time:

• 4 hours to make the website
• 5-6 hours for research on the machines from the office and from the internet
• 8-9 hours to make the videos
• 4-6 hours of editing the videos and uploading them to youtube and the website
• 5-6 hours to get everything onto the website and make the website look attractive

I actually did almost everything according to the plan. The videos don't seem like they took 8 hours, but they did. I might have spent a little more time editing everything than I thought I would. The presentation that I made on Prezi took about three hours because I didn't know how to work Prezi in the beginning, but I eventually figured it out. Next time, I wouldn't do it a lot different. I would pretty much spend my time the same way. I played around on Weebly a great deal because I didn't know how to work it. I would know how to work it next time, so I would have to spend less time editing.

For those who do this type of project in the future.

Have all of your information ready before you shoot the videos. It's a great experience to go to a doctor's office and get this information from them, not from the internet. Practice saying whatever you're going to say before you shoot them. It will save you a lot of time. Use Windows Movie Maker to edit your videos. It's simple and easy. You don't need something extravagant because you're shooting these videos for medical purposes. Use Weebly, and make sure your website is a subdomain.