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Ray Charles
I chose this post because I liked learning about Ray Charles. This is mostly because he is from Albany, Georgia.
I chose my post about cheerleading because it is my favortie hobby and I want evryone to see that I think it is a sport.
This blog is about using Myspace in the classroom. I chose it to show everyone the positive things that could come from using myspace in class.
Intuitive Learning
I chose intuitive learning because this was a big lesson taught this year in our classroom.
I chose Phishing because phishing and hackers are becoming a big problem on the web today.

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The Job
The Job, is on how you should always write important appointments down. In the movie, Ima Hogg is told to tell everyone there is a meeting in the morning at 7:00, but instead of writing this down, she just doodles on her notepad.The next morning, Ima’s boss and her boss’s secretary, C. Senorita and Claire Annette arrive at the meeting on time, but Ima does not, nor do any of her co-workers.Ima finally runs in at 8:00, trips, and then she is fired. All of this happened because she did not write her important appointment down in her planner.
In Organization, Mrs. Meg Whigham, a teacher a westwood schools descrbes how she keeps organized.
Excel 2007
This is a movie that Kaitlyn and I put together to help people understand the new excel.

Planning for the Future

Jobs that Intrest Me

I would like to become a forth or fifth grade teacher.
I would not mind being a parmacist because it is a great job that makes good money.
I would prefer not to be a nurse because I can not look at blood, but it would not be a terrible job to have because of the money.

Colleges that Intrest Me

University of Georgia
Valdosta State University