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Word Processing Artifacts

This is my best because we spent a lot of time on it.
This is a letter that we had to write as if we were going to culinary school.
I was learning how to create a table and this is the best one I managed to create.

Spreadsheet Artifacts

Lesson 5

This was a hard lesson to get all the information correct.

This was a difficult test because the charts were hard.

Presentation Software Artifact

Corrie Ten Boom was a very strong Christian. She had faith in God, and she believed that he would take care of her and see her through the Holocaust. He used her to minister to other women in her bunk when she had pieces of the Bible smuggled to her.


Carlton L. Bentley III is a nerd who dreams of being an actor. He uses the information his computer teacher gave him on long term goals and hopes he can one day succeed in his dream.

Carlton decides he has to push himself out of his comfort zone to be able to succeed in his dream to become an actor.

Carlton seeks help with his dream and buys a video that teaches him how to be a successful actor.

Carlton finally succeeds in his dream, and knows that it is due to the fact he has focused on his dream and followed the rules to using long term goals.

This video shows you how to make simple corrections, redo and undo, and delete in Excel 2007.

This is about the symbol that takes the spelling out.

Blog Postings

I think that these are my best because I stayed true to my own opinions on these.

Someone who played video games too long forgot that cyberworld doesn't belong in reality.
My hope is that someday peoples negative attitudes toward each other will change.
  • The World is Flat

  • This is the most inspiring idea about learning.
  • Corrie Ten Boom

  • My role model who was an inspiration to her own time, and her legacy still lives on today.
  • My values

  • People, my personality, everything else that is a part of me is part of this blog. I really opened up on this.

Future Plans


  • Marine Biologist

  • Spending time in the ocean, deep sea diving, and examining underwater sea creatures holds mystery and beauty and is something I would enjoy doing.
  • Performing Arts

  • Acting is one of my favorite things to do. I love being on stage, and being able to express myself through another character.
  • Vocalist

  • Music is a great way to reach other people

Three Colleges that interest me: