Computer Science

Semester Assessment

Scenario 1

Instructions: You may use your book This is 50% of your semester assessment. You have four days to complete this.

Wiki Page (worth +5 bonus) – you may not collaborate on this. Make the wikipage linking from the semester assessment page on the Westwood website. Link to your resources and make additional pages of information for your grandfather to review as he is shopping. Link to the computers you would like him to look at. Cover each topic below. Add hyperlinks. The Wikipage is 50% of your semester assessment.

Your grandfather wants to buy a computer and peripherals for Christmas. He is somewhat good with computers. He wants to use the computer for sending and receiving e-mail from his grandkids, surfing the Internet, and digital photography. He plans to have an always on connection. You have been asked to give him a list of specifications for his computer. Make sure you include the following:

  1. What type of hardware does he need? (minimum size of everything – microprocessor, hard drive, RAM, expansion devices, storage devices, peripheral devices, monitor, warranty, portability.) You may wish to consult online benchmark data – if so attach a printout of your information. (Chapter 2) Why?
  2. What type of ISP should he look for? (1B)
  3. What type of e-mail should he use? (1D)
  4. What software should he purchase? (Chapter 3) Operating System, Application software (3C), web browser (1C)

Student Projects

Post your hyperlink to your project below. Remember to name your projects differently from one another.