Computer Science

Semester Assessment

Scenario 2

Instructions: You may use your book This is 50% of your semester assessment. You have four days to complete this
Wiki Page – you may not collaborate on this but you may view each others. (If see the same material twice, I will go into the history to see who is the originator.) Make the wikipage linking from the semester assessment page on the Westwood website. Link to your resources and make additional pages of information for you parents to review as they are shopping for you. Link to the computers you would like him to look at. Cover each topic below. Add hyperlinks. The Wikipage is 50% of your semester assessment. Remember to both define and recommend. I expect to see terms from the textbook.

You are preparing to go to college and need to buy a computer. You will be using it to take notes in class, access the on-campus wireless and wired network. You will be creating PowerPoint presentations and printing them in color. You will be using the Internet to research projects and will be e-mailing papers to your professor. You will also be using spreadsheets to analyze data in your statistics course during the second semester. This must last four years of college because your parents will not buy you another one. You are accident prone.

1. What type of hardware do you need? (minimum size of everything - microprocessor, hard drive, RAM, expansion devices, storage devices, peripheral devices, monitor, warranty, portability issues.) You may wish to consult online benchmark data -- if so attach a printout of your information (Chapter 2) Why?
2. What type of ISP should you look for? (1B)
3. What type of e-mail should you recommend? (1D)
4. What type of software should you purchase? (Chapter 3) Operating system, application software (3C), Web browser (1C)

Student Projects

Create the link for your project below. Be careful to use a distinct name from others for each of your topics.